Some Great PR for CIITS
Chris Zaal (CIITS @ SAIT) and Mike Allan (Routique). Photo by Harderlee Photography.

Working for Applied Research and Innovation Services at SAIT has been an excellent opportunity for me to grow as a technologist and leader within a technical team, both things that I want to continue to experience advancement as time progresses.

Occasionally, we get a chance to add our voice to the alumni SAIT magazine that goes out quarterly. I just wanted to add a link to the latest bit of propaganda from our communications team. 🙂

You can read the article here:

Pic A Day!

Another from our vacation last year.
You may not know that Disney Cruise Lines has it’s own private island, as most Caribbean cruise lines do. Usually at the end of your 4 – 7 day cruise, the last stop is at this island, Castaway Cay.

Great place to relax and recharge after… well pretty much anything. Last year we did the cruise after we did Disney World and I really enjoyed the timing. Got a chance to really relax and spend as little time as possible concerned with regular life. So here you see me enjoying the sun, sand and serenity of Serenity Bay. Yes, it’s actually called that since only adults are allowed on that side of the island and it’s so quiet as a result.


Pic A Day!

This one is my favourite picture from last year; my wife enjoying a frozen Mickey and looking wistfully skyward!

Sly enjoying some wistful moments at Hollywood Studios.
Sly enjoying some wistful moments at Hollywood Studios.

Pic A Day!

Sly and I were going through some of our previous vacation photos and laughed a lot. Thought I would post a picture a day until we leave next week.

Here’s me being a drunken pirate on our Disney Cruise.

Already Having Boatloads

Of fun! Checked in to my room at the Fremont Hotel (not great), saw the Fremont Street Experience, and wandered around a bit before stopping in at Evel Pie.

Pretty decent pizza and a couple of local brews on tap has caused me to sit here for just under two hours. Definitely need to bring Sly here.

No plans yet for tomorrow but will probably include more wandering around in this area. Already this has been more interesting than my first few hours when I stay on the strip. It’s so generic and clean. This area is not.

In fact I have to take note of something that’s been bothering me: I’m not quite sure but I think I’m smelling the aggregated BO of a thousand people. It’s not appealing. And I’m pretty sure it’s not me. Like 80% sure.

It’s really good to be back.

I May Have Put the Whammy on Myself

I’ve been waiting at the gate for the past hour trying to get on the plane. They are having a hard time finding a cleaning crew and security team to go over the plane before we can board.

Now one thing I’ll give for the Air Canada app, it’s providing me with updates quicker than the people at the gate.

I’ll keep you appraised. I need more alcohol.