Chromecast + Plex: Streaming Awesomeness!

I purchased a Chromecast a few weeks ago and managed to get in on a sale of the Plex software for Android.

The Chromecast by itself is amazing! You can push content to the TV it’s connected to and get a nice HD stream going of whatever it is you can get from Netflix or YouTube or whatever. Now the nice thing with Plex is that you can actually stream your own content from your computer or even a friends computer if they share their library with you.

My bud Bill, who’s out in Toronto area, shared his library with me the other day because he had the Fargo TV series and I wanted to see the damned thing. Loaded up Plex on my tablet, found Bill’s library, started up the first episode and sent it to my Chromecast. Bloody. AMAZING.

Course when I found out that the SDK for Chromecast had been released I was planning on building something similar. No need now I guess? 😉