My Fallout 4 Journey

Just wanted to share the process I went through to get my copy of the Pip Boy Edition for Fallout 4 (pictured below).

When I got wind of the PipBoy Edition that was going to be released in very limited quantities, I realized that I was a bit late to the party: Bethsoft, Amazon, Best Buy and EBGames Canada were all sold out already. So started my vigil in attempting to track down my own copy.

The gimmick behind this particular edition is the inclusion of a ‘PipBoy’ that fits around the users arm, almost like a primitive smart watch but using an Android or iOS phone for it’s computer. It fits most phone form-factors and allows for your phone’s screen to be used as the screen of the pip boy when used in conjunction with an application running on your phone.  The application then communicates with the game, running on your computer and on the same sub-net of your home network, to allow you to interact with your inventory, map, quests etc just like in the game. Slap it on your arm as you’re playing the game and it adds just a little bit of immersion to your experience.

Seriously. Cool. This is what it looks like (click for larger version).

Oh yeah this is the one!
Oh yeah this is the one!

So every night after work, I scoured the online retailers, Reddit and search engines for any mention of new units being available. I eventually found one directly on the Bethesda Software (the game’s publisher) web store and ran into an issue: they wouldn’t be shipping to Canada. So I had to make some quick decisions; like these next steps were all done within about a ten minute window:

  • Quick Google to decide on a reshipping service that would give me an American address to ship my package to and had semi-decent online reviews
  • Sign up for best service with a $5 charge to set up account
  • Get assigned American mailing address
  • Use US mailing address, Canadian credit card and Canadian billing address to purchase from Bethesda
  • On release day, my package gets shipped to my US address which is also the location of the reshipping company
  • They repackage the shipment
  • Send it via UPS, USPS, DHL depending on my choice
  • Shipment comes over the border at which point I pay duties and taxes as applicable
  • Package arrives at my home

Convoluted would be an easy word to use and if this were almost anything else, I don’t think I’d have gone through so much trouble.

Now that I have it and I’ve had a chance to play the game with it on and without, I’m not sure if it adds much in the way of value to my game. But its neat and I like it. The little crate and display case it comes with is probably where it will end up, gathering dust. But I’m happy with it.

If nothing else, I’ve also gotten to use this shipping method and with Black Friday on the horizon, there will be another opportunity for some online shopping at among others. I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to use it again.