Magic Kingdom Gets Crushed, Disney Prices Out the Middle Class on Chicken Parmesans, Quick Service Menu Joy, Where Does the Line Start? – 4/6/16 – easyWDW

As Sly and I begin thinking about what we’d like to do for vacation, I’m reminded that a little cynicism comes in handy when thinking about another trip to Disney world.

Last summer’s double treat of a week at Disney world followed by a week on a Disney cruise was in my top three for vacations I’ve taken in my life. We’re considering a repeat of that for next year and I’m quite excited about the prospect. Sly and I will be looking at cruises for next summer on Thursday when the release the schedules.

Back to the cynicism. The link I’ve included below gives an interesting insight into some of the problems being experienced by guests at the resorts. Things like increased wait times for attractions to increased prices on food in the parks. I thought it was interesting and might be a good read for anyone contemplating a trip to Florida.

Read the article here.