Star Trek: Voyager

I don’t think I really gave this show a chance when it was on TV. Or perhaps I was just too young and impatient?

We visited the EMP museum today and I had the great fortune of seeing their Star Trek exhibition. What a great experience! And it reminded me that there are several other offshoots in the ST universe that really deserve my attention. I’ve added it to my Netflix queue (and it’s available down here in the States ) and have watched it for the past couple hours while working on other things and I’ve been really engrossed. I’ll continue to make it through the first season and see how I feel.

Our trip continues; we’ve been in Seattle since Monday and had a great time experiencing the city. There really is so much to see and do here that we’ve only really scratched the surface and hit up some of the more touristy destinations: Pike Place Market with the requisite visit to the Starbucks there. Took a Harbor Cruise which was pretty cool. Visited the Seattle Aquarium which reminded me very much of the Boston Aquarium in that they are both dedicated to education than entertainment.

Up the Space Needle today for a Zaal Selfie from the top. Then the EMP museum and the Pacific Science Center. I really didn’t enjoy the PSC as it was geared towards elementary children though we did have a great time in the Butterfly Room.

We purchased a CityPass at the aquarium that allowed us to visit the above mentioned attractions at a %50 discount. Definitely something we wanted to take advantage of. I’d suggest anyone wanting to visit at least 4 of the attractions pick up the CityPass to save a few bucks.

Tomorrow is our last day in Seattle before it’s off to Portland for a few days of Hipster purgatory. Wish me luck.