Skyrim: Remastered!

Seems Bethesda has decided that anyone with Skyrim and all the expansions (such as yours truly) get the Special Edition delivered to them free of charge.  This includes some seriously redone graphics and lighting effects similar to the engine tweaks they used for Fallout 4.

I loved Skyrim but not simply because it was a great game; it was the first game I played on a computer that I built with top of the line components in mind specifically for gaming and not compromises made in the name of economy.

Throughout my adult life I’ve been enamoured with computers but, up till November of 2011, I’d never been able to purchase one outright without weighing the costs involved. It was the first significant purchase that was decided after graduating.

I spent about $2k on a top of the line graphics card, motherboard, processor and RAM. Put it all together and Skyrim was so silky smooth and a joy to play.

Eventually that system needed an update: this past spring I did a rebuild of the core components and built something that was still pretty powerful but the decision wasn’t a tough one like it was in 2011.

Now with this next iteration of Skyrim coming out, I’m pleased that my machine will be able to pump out the required pixel count to make me one happy geek. Time to put my armor back on and pick up my axes; there be dragons that need slaying in Talos’ name!