Shadow of War: Hitting Me Right in the Feels

Here’s one of the TV spots they released today. It made me laugh and think, “Wow, that’s really cool!”.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was a great game. Open world, really interesting sword combat and set in Middle Earth you were tasked with partnering with Celebrimbor (you’ll only know him if you’re deep into the Tolkein mythos) to try to destroy Sauron. Let’s just leave it there for now.

The game itself was great and had a really interesting game element: as you spent time going through the game you would eventually have to fight war chiefs/bosses that are more difficult than your average orc. If they won or you were beating them so bad that fleeing was the only way to survive, they would remember who you were and jeer at you if they met you somewhere else in the game later on. This was a nice touch and added a bit of personality to the game.

Another mechanic allowed you to dominate an orc and he would join your clan and you could call on him to fight for and with you at your order.

The next iteration of the game, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, will be releasing later this year. They’ve dropped a couple of TV spots that shows an extra aspect to the relationship mechanic in the game: if you save a dominated/befriend orc from a death-blow they will remember that and may  ‘appear’ when you’re about to receive a deathblow yourself and will save your bacon. Again, a great idea that I’d really like to see before release.