From the lap of luxury…

To the warm embrace of public transit.

Yes folks that’s me; a walking dichotomy. On the one hand I enjoy sitting in a lounge, drinking “free” booze and enjoying my self but when I land I’m all about the frugality.

I’ve arrived in Las Vegas just after 2100 PDT and now I’m checking the transit schedule to see when my next bus will pick me up. I have a problem paying exorbitant amounts of money for someone to drive me from the airport to my hotel. I’m so cheap.

Instead I’ll buy a 24 hour transit pass and take the WAX (Westcliffe Airport Express) to get me to the hotel.

It’s 8 USD and can be purchased in the rideRTC app. Great deal since I can use it tomorrow as well.

Transit has always fascinated me no matter where we travel. It really is how the locals travel.

I’m going to stop this post so I can catch the next bus and get some dinner in this oppressive 25 degree heat. ?