It’s Finally Happened

My flight from Memphis to LaGuardia has been delayed so long that I’m not going to make the last flight from there to Toronto, my final destination today. As it currently sits, I don’t arrive in Toronto until 2345 and I’ve been sitting at the airport since 1100. If I wasn’t sitting comfortably in the Delta SkyLounge I’d be really angry right now. It’s taking a large amount of self control not to deplete their self-serve bar of all their bourbon.

I’ve done a good deal of travel over the past eight or nine years and never have I had to deal with this scenario before. I guess I should feel lucky based on past performance but this is a work trip and I’ve got a meeting tomorrow morning that I simply can’t reschedule; it was the driver for the whole trip to Toronto.

However, the trip to Memphis was incredibly valuable. I met so many people who knew of our activities and were interested in hearing more about what we’re doing now. Several times I found myself the centre of attention and that didn’t feel bad at all. I like the fact that we’re doing some really cool shit under the auspices of Applied Research. I owe alot of that to my predecessor, Glen Kathler. Glen built many valuable relationships within the RFID community that we’re benefiting from now. I’m benefiting from now.

So for now I sit at my computer drinking the free beer, relaxed in my own little cubicle enjoying my 80’s music (Bette Davis Eyes, Kim Carnes) and trying not to think about how far I am from home, how much I miss my wife and how fucking long it’s going to be until I get some relief.

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