Here’s How to Share as Little Data as Possible Without Deleting Facebook

I’ve considered the move from Facebook for some time now.  As I get closer and closer to pulling the trigger, one of the main things on my mind is ensuring that FB has as little information about me and make sure that they don’t manage to get more info about me as I move around the web.

This is a decent article about minimizing the amount of data you allow FB to harvest about you.

One day, very soon, I’ll stop using FB completely and replace my banner with an image the explains my reasoning with a link here. If people are interested in what I’m up to, let the come to and get the skinny, straight from the horse’s mouth without the need of an intermediary.

Link: Here’s How to Share as Little Data as Possible Without Deleting Facebook

Precision Cattle Ranching Project Video

I’ve been working at SAIT since 2005, in one capacity or another. I’m quite proud of that fact as the school is one of the better employers I’ve had in my life.

Since March of 2013, I’ve been working with the Applied Research and Innovation Services Department at SAIT. During that time I’ve had many roles: embedded programmer, project coordinator and now Research Associate, which is basically the manager for the Centre for Innovative IT Solutions. It’s been a great experience for me and I continue to get more opportunities as time goes by.

The video below is the first time I’ve been asked to present myself for an audio and visual presentation that we’ve published for the world on Youtube. Another good experience.

I thought I’d put the video here for posterity as I continue to inch away from Facebook as a social media platform. I have yet to generate enough courage to release myself fully but I see that in the future.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To the most beautiful IKEA furniture assembler I know, Sylvia Zaal.

This year will be our 14th year as a married couple and you never cease to amaze me. I wish I was a better man so you would have a better life.

Love you immensely!


Fifth Annual Vegas Vacation

Starting now!

No plans this time around. Sly has gotten comfortable with just sort of winging it, which is my normal MO. We’re going to eat some food, watch a few movies and do a bunch of shopping.

We’re both pretty beat and this break couldn’t have come any sooner. I’ve been complaining about how it seems that the usual Fall slowdown didn’t occur this year and it’s just been go go go.

We’re here for a week then back home for a week before starting this trip all over again.

But that’s a different story.