Net Neutrality: On the Way Out?

Net Neutrality is not just a catch phrase; it’s important. It allows for the unfiltered, unfettered movement of data between source and destination. It’s what has allowed such innovation on the ‘net over the past 10 years. It’s what helps people stay in touch online wherever they are in the world.

When I’m old, I hope I won’t get the chance to say, “I remember when the Internet was open for all. Data was passed without prejudice and we were able to use our bandwidth as we saw fit. That was all before the big telecoms got their lobbyists to fuck us and future generations right in the ass with their ideas without so much courtesy as a reach-around. Force content providers to pay for fast delivery to the consumer otherwise they are going in the slow lane? Who would ever have thought such an idea would make it through to affect us today?”.

And then I’ll take a long pull off my Martian craft stout (with 90% more Martian microbes, it’s what plants crave!) and shake my head in disgust.

If you get a chance, pop over to and have a look at how they are attempting to make a difference. You can add your voice there with the hundreds of thousands of other users who disagree with the plans for removing the neutrality from the Internet. Trust me, it’s the very least you can do. OK, maybe the least you can do is hit the ‘Like’ button on your Facebook page when someone posts the latest Internet Slacktivist darling that is making the rounds but at least heading over to OpenMedia and seeing what others have to say shows you’re releasing some of that apathy the world is beginning to instill in us all. (Don’t get me started!)

Net Neutrality is important. I know it looks like it’s not that important but it is. All data should be treated the same, all the time. Forever.

Now watch this funny video that makes light of the situation and may lull you back into a state of complacency. You’re welcome.