First Two Hours of Fallout 4

Finally Got my Pip Boy !
Finally Got my Pip Boy !

Wow.. I am struck (mostly) dumb. I am in awe thus far and I’ve barely begun to play.

NOTE: This will be as spoiler free as I can possibly make this but, honestly, if you have yet to begin a play through of your own and are reading a post titled “First Two Hours of Fallout 4” you’re doing a poor job of protecting yourself from spoilers.

I spent the first 30 minutes creating my character. 30 minutes staring at my characters face, trying to get some likeness of me onto the avatar I plan on playing with for the next 50+ (??) hours. Quite satisfying to have that much control over the likeness you’ll be running around in.

The movement controls are nothing new and any FPS player will quickly become accustomed. Interface is clean with a couple new tricks that make for ease of inventory access.

Control of the weapons (well the one melee weapon and pistol that you find during your first few minutes into the game) is really comfortable. This is going to sound weird but for the first couple of encounters I thought the sights were off when I realized there seemed to be a realistic lag from trigger pull (mouse press) and the impact of the bullet.  Fast moving RadRoaches (NOT A SPOILER, YOU KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO BE AROUND!!) managed to make me miss a few times before I got the hang of leading them properly.

Crafting. Geez, this is actually what prompted my escape from the game. It seems really powerful but I haven’t had a tutorial pop up that adequately described how I’m supposed to get raw materials. Maybe I missed it but it was time for some tea anyways. This will be an epic night. However, I’m going to have a very quick careful look through the first few pages of this and see how we go.

All the answers (and spoilers if you're not careful) are enclosed.
All the answers (and spoilers if you’re not careful) are enclosed.

Sly, I love you. I hope you’ll still love me when I return…

From the Wasteland.