Headed to Vegas Again

As I’d hoped we’re headed back to Vegas for our Xmas holiday and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m on the plane composing this and thought I would outline some of the things (reasons) we love coming here. 

After checking in tonight, we’ll head down the Strip a bit to the local Walgreens for some supplies. This includes, but us not limited to, some beverages for the room. This will be a combination of bottled water, soft drinks and some snack foods. Not many but it’s nice to get provisions like that at a more reasonable price than you would find on the resort property. 
Then I may or may not tuck Sylvia into bed and check out the casino floor. Probably play a bit of Walking Dead slots. 

Tomorrow we’ll start the day with a comped brunch buffet at the MGM followed by some shopping. 

I’ve changed up our telecommunications for this trip. We’ve setup a couple of Roam mobility sim cards did Sly and I. Unlimited data talk and text for 4$ a day. Helluva deal and I’ll report back out results. They piggy back in the T-Mobile network so shouldn’t see any appreciable difference from previous years. 

Anyways we’ve got another 30 minutes in the air and then we’ll be there. If Disney World is where my wife feels at home, Vegas is my second domicile. I love being here. We’ll see what happens this time around.