Tipping in Las Vegas: Decent Advice Here

I am a bit of a cheap ass when it comes to tipping; I have certain standards that must be hit during a service interaction before I will even consider the “default” 15%. That changes slightly when I’m in Vegas.

As alluded to in the video above, Vegas really is a service industry driven town and people in that industry go out of their way to make sure that you’ve got what you want, when you want it and usually before you have to ask for it. I attribute that to the fact that these people are making most of their money off tips and the ones who stick around for the long haul really do excel at providing above average service.

I’ve used the example before but it bears repeating: Sly and I were at a champagne brunch with a wonderful server who just wanted us to be comfortable. We had ordered bottomless mimosa that are served in very small glasses. Well, a couple of refills later, the server understood that it might be a more enjoyable experience for us if she just left the pitcher of Mimosa on the table and let us server ourselves. Pretty quick on the uptake, she was, and I was quite happy to drop a much higher tip than I normally do just because of that consideration for us.

Anyways, give it a view and see if you can glean any interesting tidbits from it. But always tip you cocktail waitress; pit bosses like that and when the pit boss likes you, you’re already playing at an advantage.