Spring Break: Vegas

When you realize you’ve accrued too much vacation time and it’s a liability to your business (wow, look at me being all managerial) you take time off and, hopefully do something interesting with the time.

Me? I’m headed to Las Vegas for a week of sun, pool time and some cards.
Sly is staying home as she’s got some very big work ahead of here at the school this week. She’s a little bummed about not being able to come with me and I’m definitely going to miss her but I needed to get away. If I didn’t get the chance to get away I think my head was going to explode.

While sitting here slapping away at the keyboard, I was approached by an employee who asked if I would do a survey on my experience at the airport today. I guess they are soliciting opinions due to the backlash some users have expressed. I filled it out and received a YYC pen and some branded chewing gum!

What a treat! Now I’ve got something to pop my ears with when I hit the ground.

It’s 28C in Las Vegas at the moment and I’m closer than I’ve been to relaxed than I have been in months. When I finally post a photo of me at the pool with a Margarita and a tan, then you’ll know I’ve achieved my goal. 🙂