“Nah, I don’t believe in it.”

So… tipping.  I’d like to talk about it a bit. Though I don’t consider myself Mr. Pink, it takes a bit to make me want to tip more than 15%. I’ve also been known to express my distaste with a particular server’s attentiveness with a zero % tip. Yes, it happens but not very often. I’ll leave it to Mr. Pink to explain one point of view on this topic.

Yeah.. so I’m no Mr. Pink, I’m starting to feel a little worn out about dealing with tipping. Then I get to hear the ‘etiquette expert’ below natter on about ’20 being the new 15′,  I just want everyone to move over to the European/Australian system. Let’s listen to these rocket surgeons.

Now I have been, recently, tipping strictly at 20% but this has been some very great service in restaurants that Sly and I frequent because we love the food and the service but that has been my choice and I know that I don’t have to tip that much if I don’t want to. Now they want to make 20% the defacto value for tipping in all scenarios? AND….

You want me to tip the person that pours my coffee? Seriously?  What about the guy at McDonald’s? Do they deserve 20% because they gathered my order and put it on a tray/in a bag? Fuck that.

Look, I know people have it tough in the service industry. I know this.  I’ve spent many summers living on my tips while working in restaurants.  I have family that have spent most of their adult life owning/working in restaurants.  But the expectation is now that I have to pay 1/5th of my total bill towards paying the server, by default?

Sorry, not going to happen. You want 20% you best work for it. I don’t want you average service.  That’s just going to get you 15% at best. I want your attention every time I make eye contact with you.  I want my water filled. If I’m drinking a soft drink or something similar, there’s no reason for me to see the bottom of my glass.  My food best arrive on plates that aren’t too hot, which usually indicates an inordinate amount of time under a heat lamp. Bottom line is I want the best possible dining experience ever and if you can’t offer that extraordinary level of service, please don’t expect an extraordinary tip!

Course if you can’t manage that and still expect your patrons to pay you what you think you deserve, maybe it’s time for an occupation change?